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Latest News

  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    Restart – relaunch?

    The summer break is officially over and the streets of the EU neighbourhood in Brussels are returning to life. Although, not everyone returns to a working place that is exactly how they have left it before their break. The employees of the American company Caterpillar’s plant in Belgium instantly got confronted with a cut of 2.200 of their colleagues. Not necessarily the positive note on which you want to start the second half of the year. One thing did remain unchanged, namely the most intriguing question on the consequences of BREXIT for Europe and what remains of the European project. As an immediate reaction to the vote in the UK many civil society organisations as well as trade unions have started a process calling for a relaunch or a new narrative, as both inevitable and necessary. It remains to be seen how the institutional side will proceed. The nomination of former Commissioner Barnier is a good sign, but what is the position of the UK government? “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try…” will be the agenda, meaning that the UK government will try to get all the benefits of access to the internal market and free trade. Rules are enshrined in the Treaties and they guide governance. Cherry picking cannot become the new rule. And there is the fourth freedom: freedom of movement. The new wall in Calais, paid for by the UK and built by French public corporations is just another brick in the wall, and simply shameful!

  • Together for Social Europe

    Book launch event ‘From Europe to Local: Migrating solidarity’

    On Monday 10 October 2016, the Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and SOLIDAR will hold an event to launch the book ‘From Europe to Local: Migrating Solidarity’.

  • Organising International Solidarity

    SOLIDAR stands for peace: Call for adhesions to the Peace March Perugia-Assisi and the International Conference on 8-9 October

    This year, in the framework of the annual peace march from Perugia to Assisi on 9 October 2016, SOLIDAR will support its member organisation CGIL in the organisation of an international conference on “Europe and the Mediterranean. Places of peace and rights: for all or for the few?”, which will take place in Perugia on 8 October 2016.

  • Building Learning Societies

    European Civic Academy in La Rochelle

    In the last few months we have seen increasing signs of democratic disenchantment, while more and more have begun questioning the European project. This has been illustrated by recent events such as the Brexit vote that have a significant impact on the process of disintegration, and fuel regressive populism. At a time when Europe faces unprecedented challenges with regards to solidarity, rising inequalities, and a migration/refugee crisis, its commitment to and continuous promotion of fundamental rights, democracy and rule of law must be given priority. Attention must also be paid to civic engagement and re-engagement of people’s participation in democratic society.

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